An Open Letter to the Parents
of Our Adolescent Patients

Providing quality adolescent health care requires that we confront many issues that are uncomfortable, even frightening, for both parents and young adults. Nevertheless, we would not be doing our jobs if we did not explore sensitive areas with our patients.

Among these are:
• Diet, Eating Disorders
• Exercise, Fitness
• Weight, Body Changes
• Tobacco Use
• Alcohol, Drug Use
• Sexual Behaviors & Contraception
• Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Depression
• Abuse, Violence
• Academic Performance
• Future Goals
• Automobile Safety, Accidents

Annual Physical Exams, Immunizations, and age appropriate routine Pelvic Exams for females are encouraged to:
1. Promote good health habits
2. Prevent Illness
3. Diminish fear and support communication in an environment responsive and sensitive to the adolescent

The law requires that health care providers maintain confidentiality for adolescents regarding matters of reproductive health, however it is our philosophy to encourage open dialogue between parents and their adolescent children. We anticipate seeing adolescents both with and without parents present in the examining room. It is our desire to fully inform you of the nature of adolescent health care. We offer you the opportunity to discuss your concerns and needs with any provider at any time. Therefore, feel free to approach us to discuss any of the above. We would like to work together.